Ep. 99 Eliott Edge: Finding the Other “Others”

August 22, 2018

How might altered states of consciousness deepen our empathy, imagination, and lead us find the other others? Writer, thinker, and explorer of consciousness, Eliott Edge looks at the ways in which virtual reality and psychedelics can create new frames of reference and enhance our connection to each other and the planet. In his latest book, 3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Overlords, Civilization, and Escape, Eliott engages with the ethical and existential questions of reality as a simulation. “If reality is a simulation, then we were born into this ‘video game’ to participate.” It’s a conversation on the future of media literacy how it must evolve to include “virtual reality literacy.”

Douglas opens today’s show with an open letter and offer of service to Google. In wake of the recent news that Google employees refused to build censored search for China, what better opportunity to reevaluate its total mission and practice? Why not bring Team Human on board for guidance?

More on Eliott:

Eliott Edge is a multidisciplinary artist, international speaker, and author of ‘3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Overlords, Civilization, and Escape.’ He’s written for Medium, Disinformation, and Reality Sandwich. He is on the Advisory Board of the existential risk think tank The Lifeboat Foundation, and a member of the psychoanalytic society Das Unbehagen. Edge is also the founder of Educating Earth, a free education resource hub, and recently began promoting psychedelic activism as a patient and human rights issue. His acclaimed book is now available on Amazon, of which Douglas Rushkoff said “Terence McKenna would have loved Eliott Edge and his plan for escape.”

Find him @OddEdges and support Eliott at Patreon.com/OddEdges

Today’s show references Episode 15 “Find the Others” which features psychedelics researcher and medical doctor Julie Holland.

This show features intro music sampled from Fugazi’s “Foreman’s Dog” courtesy of Dischord Records. You also heard a clip from Episode 67 guest, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge‘s Throbbing Gristle. Closing music is thanks to Mike Watt.

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