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The topics discussed on Team Human are the start of a dialogue and a call to action. With each episode, we are building an ever-expanding index of resources, practitioners, and ways to engage with the ideas explored on the show.

Revisit the audio from Episode 01: Astra Taylor and Thomas Gokey “Debt Resistance”

“You are not a loan!” Student Debt reflects a society where basic human needs are being willfully underserved by the slashing of social services and the financialization of the economy. Many of these debts are in fact illegal and immoral. Today, students are leaving college with an average of 27K in loans and abysmal employment prospects. It can be different. We can band together and fight against the faulty logic of profit through debt and build free, affordable, and non-predatory systems for education.

Ready to Strike: Work Together to Resist Debt

Free: The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual (DROM)

Download: Strike Debt Organizing Kit

Dispute Student Debt with: Defense to Repayment App

Health Care Debt

Medical costs are a major cause of debt in the United States even for those with health insurance. A single payer healthcare system, sometimes referred to as Medicare For All, is a policy alternative that can prevent this regressive reality.

Learn the facts about Single Payer Healthcare

Take Action to Support Single Payer Healthcare

Talking Points

Learn the facts about Student Debt and Financial Aid

Student Debt Crisis Provides Tools to Deal with Debt

Join the Campaign for Free College Tuition

More Info on Student Debt from Demos (Policy as if People Mattered)

To revisit the our interview with Professor Richard Maxwell.
Click Here

After hearing about the environmental impacts of technology and media, perhaps you’re wondering, How can individuals reduce the negative consequences?

GreenPeace suggests:

  • Support companies that make clean products. If you are buying a product check our Guide to Greener Electronics.
  • Think twice before buying whether you really need a new device.
  • Return your equipment to the manufacturer when you have finished with it.

If you need a new device, consider the Fairphone.

Learn more about the environmental impact of electronic companies with Greener Gadgets: Designing the Future from GreenPeace. Follow human rights and sustainability issues related to technology at Good Electronics.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition is a grassroots organization promoting human health and environmental justice. Take action for people and the planet.

Negative impacts of technology stem from the dirty energy economy that exists and weak labor protection for workers. This can change. Find out how to weaken the power of fossil fuels with the divestment movement and other campaigns at Learn about the reality for workers Equal Times, a news source about labor, economy, and the environment.

Revisit Team Human Episode 03 with Esteban Kelly Here

Democratic workplaces are vital to the health of the economy. Cooperative ownership and participatory management structures offer better, more sustainable jobs, and create positive opportunities in underserved communities. In this era of escalating and debilitating inequality, worker cooperatives are crucial to reprogramming the economy to serve humans rather than exploit them.

Big Picture Read: Solidarity Economy: Key Concepts and Issues

Practical Guides and FAQs: The US Federation of Worker Co-ops  offers a vast library of resources for understanding and implementing democracy in the workplace. 

Read: Creating Better Jobs And A Fairer Economy With Worker Cooperatives

Ready: to Start Up a Co-Op? Visit this useful Start Up Guide

Convert: Your Business to Employee Owned? Visit

Workplace democracy is not impractical or a fantasy! Below are just a few workplace cooperatives whose products you may have enjoyed and prove democratic workplaces are possible:

How’d They Do It? Case Study: Real Pickles 

The Working World : Investing in Cooperative Labor around the World with tools and ways to support the effort.

Get Inspired! Read about Judith Daluz, who overcame abusive working conditions and founded a worker coop owned by survivors of human trafficking.

Revisit: Team Human Episode 04 with Micah White on transforming protest.

Read: Micah White’s latest book, The End of Protest.

Revisit: Team Human Episode 05 with guest Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. The Yes Men have established Yes Lab, a resource for playful resisters everywhere.

In Episode 05, Douglas mentions this brilliant act of creative protest, “Metris University”. Metris is the prison where activists and academics are being imprisoned in Turkey. With so many academics being jailed for speaking freely and critically, this website recasts the prison as a university, free from the distractions of the outside world.

Beautiful Trouble Projects:

Beautiful Trouble is a website, book, and organization providing trainings and resources for creative activism across the globe. Check out their beta library of activist resources, how-to guides, and materials for educators.

Beautiful Trouble also collaborated with author and activist Naomi Klein related on her recent book and documentary This Changes Everything. “Beautiful Solutions” is an extensive and beautifully designed web resource for strategies and education in the interconnected issues of climate, inequality, labor, and democracy. Click here to explore solutions across areas of democratic workplace.

And rounding out the “Beautiful Trouble” collection–check out the activist toolbox at Beautiful Rising filled with creative strategies and culture jamming actions such as divestment, currency hacking, jail solidarity, phone banking, street organizing and more!

Destructables is a DIY culture jamming organization and resource for creative dissent. You’ll find step by step instructions on variety of gritty and creative protest tactics such as conference crashing, hoisting a banner, pamphlet making and more. A DIY cookbook for grassroots action…

Protest Plus Political Organizing:

The Other 98% offers numerous petitions and grassroots organizing tools focused on economic justice and getting money out of politics.

In Episode 05, Andy Bichlbaum celebrated the legacy of AIDS activist network ACT UP, whose persistence and creative protest brought about life saving and transformative change.

Sunlight Foundation has a large collection of tools to incorporate into your activist strategies, including an archive of deleted Tweets by politicians, databases  detailing lobbying influence in politics, and exciting new ways to hold representative accountable.

The Center for Artistic Activism connects artistic work to political activism. Check out this especially inspiring encyclopedia of artistic activist projects.

On the heels of the Bernie Sanders campaign, Brand New Congress is a movement to take political power by running 400+ candidates under the banner of fighting against inequality and to create a new, honest, and accountable congress.

Revisit: Team Human Episode 09 featuring D.C. Vito from the Quick links:

MediaBreaker/Studios – “is an online learning platform where educators and after-school program leaders can design unique digital learning experiences using commercials, music videos, news clips and much more. Built around The LAMP’s MediaBreaker tool, MediaBreaker/Studios makes it easy to integrate critical thinking, media literacy, fair use and media production into virtually any educational setting.”

LAMPlit – An expanding set of resources to help make sense of a changing media landscape.

Break the Election 2016 – In an era of unprecedented campaign spending on media, the Lamp empowers students to “Talk Back” to the campaign ads. Make your own ad and watch user videos on site.

Curriculum  – Find the classroom resources to comprehend, create, and critique media. The LAMP offers a variety of media focuses to fit lessons into your school.

More resources to come!

Related Show: Team Human Ep. 16 with Natalie Foster

Also Revisit: Team Human Ep. 04 Esteban Kelly “Worker Solidarity” Co-founded by Team Human teammate Natalie Foster, is an online resource that makes the gig economy more sustainable and fair. Key to their work is portable benefits; access to healthcare, insurance, and safety nets that travel with you from gig to gig.

Natalie Foster is also co-author of the Portable Benefits Resource Guide : The black car fund has a long history of protecting New York’s black car drivers with a sustainable fund for workers’ compensation.  : The independent drivers guild recently negotiated a five year deal with Uber to protect drivers with access to legal services and affordable insurance, drivers and roadside assistance, political representation, deactivation protection, and a greater collective organizing power. is an online tool to help  individuals or groups of employees advance campaigns for fair treatment in equality in the workplace. fights sexism and expands women’s rights by building a strong online community equipped with tools to organize grassroots resistance and promote equality.  “We help people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by over one million members, we move decision-makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America.” “The National Guestworker Alliance (NGA) is a membership organization of guestworkers. Our members organize in labor camps across the United States to win collective dignity at work. We are building national power to win fairness in the terms of migration. We also partner with local workers—employed and unemployed—to strengthen U.S. social movements for racial and economic justice.” “Founded in 2007, NDWA works for the respect, recognition, and inclusion in labor protections for domestic workers. The national alliance is powered by 53 affiliate organizations—plus our first local chapter in Atlanta—of over 20,000 nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers for the elderly in 36 cities and 17 states.”

Does your workplace promote dignity and respect for you and your co-workers? Have you felt bullied at work and are wondering what steps to take? Six in ten people have experienced workplace bullying. All too often co-workers witness bullying and fail to step in. Check out this useful and informative Guide to Workplace Bullying. There you’ll find examples of harassment that workers commonly face, paired with interventions to address this serious problem.

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