Ep. 96 Bo Burnham “The Movie of Your Own Life Does Not Suck”

August 01, 2018

Playing for Team Human today is YouTube phenomenon, Netflix comedian, and writer and director of the movie Eighth Grade, Bo Burnham. Bo and Douglas consider the other, positive side of social media — how it still gives young people a way to test and share social strategies and express themselves.

A conversation with many inspired tangents, Douglas and Bo also look at the ways social media pressures us to live our lives like a performance in a movie, the tragedy of becoming trapped in metanarratives, and how to get ahead of a self-satirizing internet.

Today’s conversation references Rushkoff’s Frontline documentaries Generation Like and The Merchants of Cool.

Clips from Bo Burnham’s Netflix show Make Happy, also appear in this episode. See the official trailer for Eighth Grade here.

This week’s show features intro and outro music courtesy of Discord Records and Fugazi. At the top of the interview, you heard a sample of music from episode 31 guest, R.U. Sirius.

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