Ep. 91 Adah Parris “The Art of Conversation”

June 20, 2018

Playing for Team Human today Adah Parris. Adah is here to help reorient us to ourselves and steer us to a better, more human future. Adah wears many hats. She is a tech Futurist, a transformation coach, storyteller, public speaker, consultant, and artist. Comfortable in such diverse roles, Adah brings a unique perspective to the team, having influenced both individuals and corporations to adopt a more connection-centered ethos.

In this candid and open conversation with Douglas, Adah brings her empathy, insight, and creativity to the table. She reminds us of the power of putting down our smartphones, looking into one another’s eyes, and engaging in the “Art of Conversation.”

Visit https://www.adahparris.com/ to learn more about Adah’s philosophy and work.

Douglas opens the show with a monologue that unmasks the propaganda that is being made with the unfolding horror of immigrant detentions and family separations. As we witness the shocking images, the administration’s intentions to prime the public for inhumanity are becoming all too clear. Perhaps sound, not pictures, are the key to it’s undoing.

Transcripts of the show monologues will now be featured on Medium! Find today’s here.

Today’s show start and ends with music thanks to Dischord Records and Fugazi. Also featured are originals by Josh Sitron and the Team Human Band, Stephen Bartolomei, and Episode 31 guest, R.U. Sirius.

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