Ep. 84 Charles Hugh Smith “Investing in Community”

May 02, 2018

Playing for Team Human today, the economy’s equivalent of an outsider artist, Of Two Minds blogger and author of Money and Work Unchained, Charles Hugh Smith.

illustration: bobbycampbell.net

Charles will be talking to us about the market, Universal Basic Income, and distributed prosperity.

You can learn more about Charles, find links to his numerous books and articles, and follow his popular blog here: https://www.oftwominds.com/.

Opening the show, Douglas considers the “Art of the Deal.” Perhaps a truly artful deal is one that engages us in relationships of collaboration rather than self-interest.

Producer’s note: The audio in this show is less than ideal due to a poor VoIP connection. It has been processed for intelligibility, but you still may notice drop outs and distortions. Apologies.

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This show features intro and outro music thanks to Fugazi and Dischord Records. Mid-way you heard Throbbing Gristle. See Ep. 67 with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

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