Ep. 80 Kenric McDowell “The Right Kind of AI”

April 04, 2018

illustration: bobbycampbell.net

What can artists, musicians, magical thinkers and weirdos bring to machine learning and neural networks? What do we need to make the right kind of AI? Exploring these questions and more is Kenric McDowell, leader of Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program. In this  conversation with Douglas, Kenric explains how his unique role at Google enables him to bring the artistic spirit into the very heart of technology development. Moving beyond the hype of AI, Kenric shares strategies for leading technology with human imagination rather than the other way around.

Douglas opens today’s show addressing the myth of social media; the notion that you matter. Facebook doesn’t care about you, and it’s time to leave it behind. Every minute spent off Facebook is a minute you can spend with others! Go find them.

Our intro and outro music is thanks to Dischord Records and Fugazi. A special thanks to Kenric for sharing his own original music featured at the mid-roll. Visit http://thebiggestphone.com to hear more. Kenric also provided us with the audio clip from a forthcoming documentary on the Word Car project. Read about it here!

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