Ep. 50 Alexandra Juhasz “The Tiny Magic of CyberFeminism”

August 16, 2017

New Link! : (9/15/2017) Check out Alexandra’s latest piece at Dame:

Trump’s Alpha Male Posturing Was Made For Our Social Media Age

Playing for Team Human today is Alexandra Juhasz. Juhasz brings her extensive and diverse work as a filmmaker, media critic, and feminist activist to the Team Human round table.

On today’s show, Douglas and Alexandra explore the dangers of a media landscape that amplifies the grotesque and sensational. They also look at how human agency and autonomy are threatened on our hypercommercialized media platforms. Drawing on her commitment to feminist values, Alex encourages an embrace of the “situatedness of our humanity” and the vitality of difference. Such is the “tiny magic” necessary to build real world change while widening our embrace of a full-spectrum of humanity.

Juhasz recently joined the CUNY faculty of Brooklyn College as professor of film and department chairperson. Visit http://alexandrajuhasz.com/ to learn more about her media-making and pedagogy.

The Femtechnet manifesto and whitepaper are also great places to learn more about feminist technology as we consider its power to animate the mission of Team Human.

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Juhasz Photo credit: Leon Mostovoy

Header Photo : By Bain News Service, publisher [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Music thanks to: Mike WattR.U. Sirius, and show closer thanks to Dischord records and Fugazi

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