Ep. 39 Daniel Berninger “Fighting for a Human Agenda”

May 31, 2017

Playing for Team Human today is Daniel Berninger. Berninger is a communications technologist who brings his unique, behind-the-scenes insight to a discussion about what distinguishes human-centered technological advancement from today’s all too prevalent machine-centered visions for the future. Berninger, who played an instrumental role in the creation of VoIP, or voice over internet communications technology, offers a critique of systems whose power is inflated by machine agendas. Berninger also takes aim at the bureaucratic glut of institutions and government and their self-serving structures that also threaten to alienate humans. Together, Berninger and Rushkoff find common ground in their celebration of solidarity and the irreducible nature of humanity as key to solving society’s intractable problems.

This show begins with a monologue from Rushkoff on how agendas, be it the “machine agenda” of the tech industry or the conspiracy-driven narratives of today’s establishment political punditry, serve to distort our sense of reality and direct our attention away from the most pressing threats we face today.

Production Note: Today’s show ironically suffered from VoIP and audio technical difficulties. We managed to save the content but the audio fidelity is less than ideal for Team Human. We apologize for the compromised sound and hope you enjoy the content.

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