Ep. 36 Micah Sifry “What We Do Now! #PDF17”

May 10, 2017

Playing for Team Human is Micah Sifry. Next month Micah will host the 2017 Personal Democracy Forum. On today’s show, Micah and Douglas discuss how the stakes are higher than ever for bringing people into an active civic life and engagement with democracy. Looking beyond the 2016 electoral postmortems and whodunits, Micah and Douglas talk about the power of humans breathing together–conspiring–in real space and time, while also leveraging technologies of connection, to build an actionable progressive agenda.

Listeners of Team Human will find kindred spirits at the Personal Democracy Forum and Civic Hall. If you voted and you’ve been marching and calling your representatives but are still looking for ways to enhance your civic power and find community, PDF 2017 is ready for you.

Personal Democracy Forum 2017, themed What We Do Now, will be held June 8-9 at the NYU Skirball Center, NYC. Team Human will be recording on location at this year’s PDF. Also check out Team Human Ep. 07  recorded at last year’s PDF featuring Institute For the Future’s Marina Gorbis and Douglas Rushkoff’s PDF keynote speech.

Also on today’s show, a monologue from Rushkoff about why so many of us have to drive to work. (Hint: it’s not because the world was created that way.)

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Conference photos sourced from PDF Flickr

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