Ep. 24 Brian Fitzgerald “The Power of Play”

February 15, 2017

Playing for Team Human today is Brian Fitzgerald, co-founder of Tinkergarten. Tinkergarten began as the passion project of Brian and his wife, Meghan, a long-time educator. As new parents, Brian and Meghan were looking for hands-on, outdoor learning experiences for their daughter. Unable to find any, they started Tinkergarten. Today, Tinkergarten is a growing community focused on bringing memorable, tactile, and outdoor educational play opportunities to children and parents. Brian shares how his background in technology and education led him to build networking tools that help get kids off of screens and out into the physical world. You can become a Tinkergarten leader, find your own local Tinkergarten, or even download free DIY Tinkergarten lesson plans at tinkergarten.com.

Today’s episode kicks off with Douglas Rushkoff answering a question he has received more and more since launching Team Human: “Are you anti-digital?”



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