Ep. 147 Allison Fine “Things Worth Fighting For”

February 05, 2020

Playing for Team Human today, author, social change thought leader, nonprofit founder, and congressional candidate for New York’s 17th district, Allison Fine.

Fine joins Team Human to discuss her platform and decision to run for congress. “We are so broken right now that I actually want to go into the belly of the beast to get us to the next chapter. I think it’s important for us to pay attention to what’s going on now, but not to get stuck in what’s going on now.” Fine and Rushkoff discuss the imperative for the United States to shift to a green economy, the existential threat of automation on labor, breaking down barriers for women’s success, and empowering people with a mobile economy that optimizes for velocity.

In his monologue, Rushkoff looks at how people infighting on Twitter provides Russia with memetic ammunition to launch propaganda campaigns against the United States.

Learn more about Allison’s campaign here: https://www.allisonfine2020.com/

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Hosted by Douglas Rushkoff
Produced by Josh Chapdelaine
Audio Edited & Mixed by Luke Robert Mason

Music by Fugazi (On this Episode you heard “Foreman’s Dog” in the intro – thanks to the kindness of the band and Dischord Records.)

Special thanks to Stephen Bartolomei, who has gone into the belly of the beast to get us to the future.

Team Human is a Production of the Laboratory for Digital Humanism at Queens College.

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