Ep. 06 Kio Stark “Talk to Strangers”

September 20, 2016

Playing for Team Human today is Kio Stark. Kio’s new book When Strangers Meet explores the transformative power to be found in person-to-person interactions with strangers. Kio describes how even a brief interaction can foster empathy and open up the possibility for meaningful human connection. Kio and Douglas challenge the unwritten rules of social interaction and talk about how basic human connection can spark positive social change.

illustration: bobbycampbell.net


Kio’s recent New York Times travel feature, “5 Ways Total Strangers Can Make Your Trip Better” can be found here.

In today’s episode, Kio describes this online game, Clocking In, created by RaceForward.org as a tool to build solidarity in the struggle for workplace justice and fair wages.

Connecting with strangers is about respect and recognizing the fundamental value of the people we encounter. Check out ihollaback.org to learn more about ending harassment in public spaces. There you can find numerous resources and ways to get involved.

Kio’s Ted Talk: “Why You Should Talk To Strangers





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