Ep. 140 Vinnie Colaiuta “Rhythm is Life”

October 30, 2019

Playing for Team Human today, drummer and session musician, Vinnie Colaiuta.

Vinnie joins Team Human to discuss the art of listening, collaborating, and celebrating the imperfection that makes music a human art. Douglas and Vinnie explore the difference between making music together, the biases of music-production technology, what Vinnie has learned from working artists like Frank Zappa, the importance of flow-state, and what it is like to be one of the most in-demand studio musicians.

Vinnie Colaiuta is an award-winning drummer based in Los Angeles. He famously worked for Frank Zappa as his principal drummer for studio and live performances. His performances on Zappa’s albums Tinsel Town Rebellion, Joe’s Garage and Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar are considered by many drummers to be among the most astounding ever recorded. Joe’s Garage was named one of the top-25 drumming performances of all time in a 1993 Modern Drummer article.

After leaving Zappa, Colaiuta went on to work with a long list of notable rock and pop artists, including Sting, Gino Vannelli, Joni Mitchell, Barbra Streisand, Sandy & Junior, Clannad, Wang Chung, Chaka Khan, and Jeff Beck. He has also appeared with many notable jazz musicians, including Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Haslip, Quincy Jones, the Buddy Rich Big Band and Buell Neidlinger.

Find out more about Vinnie’s work at: https://www.vinniecolaiuta.com

Listen to Vinnie’s podcast, Breakfast With Vinnie, here: https://breakfastwithvinnie.com/

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— Credits — 

Hosted by Douglas Rushkoff

Produced by Josh Chapdelaine

Audio Edited & Mixed by Luke Robert Mason

Music by Fugazi (On this Episode you heard “Foreman’s Dog” in the intro – thanks to the kindness of the band and Dischord Records.)

Special thanks to Stephen Bartolomei who is busy drumming to his own beat.

Team Human is a Production of the Laboratory for Digital Humanism at Queens College.

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