Month: April 2017

We just posted an entirely actionable episode of Team Human, with the founder of the Net Party, Pia Mancini. It begins with a monologue by me about the way shame over everything from gender and sex to money inhibits our ability to forge solidarity – by design. That segues to a great discussion with Pia […]

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Here’s a great new magazine out of the UK for those of us looking for hands-on DIY solutions for the new economy. I did an interview with them, too, asking people to evaluate just what value they’re really getting from the platforms they’re on.   Q&A with Douglas Rushkoff by Oliver Sylvester-Bradley Dec 27, 2016 STIR Magazine […]

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Just posted a new episode of Team Human. My friend and personal hero, R.U. Sirius, evaluates the state of the counterculture, What is it we’re supposed to be “counter”, anyway? Maybe it is we humans who are the culture, and they who are counter…. Plus, a thought essay from me about what happens if Trump […]

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