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Team Human covers a wide range of topics. In the past two weeks we’ve posted two unique shows. First up is the return of “Real People Doing Real Things,” a segment where Douglas finds people not just talking about the platform, the app, or the idea but really getting their hands dirty. Suzanne Slomin runs […]

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Team Human Live at Gray Area Foundation For the Arts: Night Two (in two parts) Playing for Team Human today is interactive artist Lauren McCarthy. Lauren’s thought provoking work brings a unique and creative perspective on social interaction and the intersection of humans and technology. Check out her most recent project Lauren: A Human Smart Home Intelligence, […]

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Check out these first two installments of a series of fascinating Team Human conversations recorded before a live audience at the Grand Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District, home to Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Rushkoff kicks off this live series with an excerpt from his forthcoming Team Human Manifesto, an excellent primer on […]

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Did you know parole and sentencing algorithms are just as racist as the people who program them? Gives a whole new meaning to “machine learning”: Playing for Team Human this week, interdisciplinary thinker and emerging philosopher of technology Damien Williams. Williams and Rushkoff look at the embedded biases of technology and the values programed into […]

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Come hear Douglas host live Team Human conversations this week in San Francisco!  Join us on February 16 and 17 at Gray Area Foundation located at the historic Grand Theater in the Mission District. Find out what, if anything, makes people different than machines, and how we can fight back against the stultifying effects of digital […]

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Team Human is coming to a theater near you! We’re starting to schedule live Team Human events, that then become Team Human podcasts. The first one is: Team Human at Gray Area Arts, Grand Theater, San Francisco Feb 16, 7p: Annalee Newitz & Howard Rheingold, guests. Feb 17, 7p: Lauren McCarthy, Erik Davis, Josette Melchor, […]

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Playing for Team Human today is Danielle Butin, founder of the Afya Foundation. Afya collects and sends surplus medical supplies from the US to those who need them around the world. In today’s conversation with Douglas, Danielle shares not only stories of the good accomplished through Afya, but also a broader strategy for human intervention. How did […]

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Playing for Team Human today is Stacco Troncoso of the P2P Foundation. Stacco brings with him deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the power of the commons. Stacco and the Commons Transition team put their faith in people, believing in the potential of diverse, empowered communities to address complex problems. Far from a utopian fantasy, P2P offers […]

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